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Thank you for getting your bios in on time.




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Parent Volunteers

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Dear Parents,

We understand how busy families are juggling family, work and their children’s schedules.  However, like any sport or extracurricular activity, parents are asked to volunteer hours to support the activity.  We have a little under seven weeks to pull this production together, and we are asking that all 60 families volunteer at the minimum of 3 hours towards this effort. 

You can sign up online:


We are in need of fathers free on Saturdays to help Mr. Moorman build our set.

We are in need of free moms to lead committees and organize communication within the committees.

Please consider volunteering to be part of our production team.

Please check off the committees you would be interested in helping out on and complete this volunteer form online or a hard copy. (handed out at Monday’s rehearsal)

Please return it as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Lutz  [email protected]

  Thank you!


¨  Concessions— We need volunteers to work Concessions the nights of the show.

¨  Star Fundraising—Parents needed to make and sell stars two weeks before the show.

¨  Chaperoning –We need two parents per dressing room to chaperone for each performance.  We need fathers for the boys’ dressing room.

¨  Cast Party—we need parent volunteers to help our Committee chair to assist in providing a party for the cast.

¨  Costumes—we need parents to assist our Costumier—help is needed during tech week and dress rehearsals.  We also need one parent to be at each performance.

¨  Tickets – We need parents to sell tickets during the Saturday rehearsals in March and during lunch periods in school.

¨  Publicity – We need one parent to volunteer to spearhead a publicity campaign weeks before the production opens.  This would entail contacting newspapers and getting a representative from local papers to interview and take pictures of the cast.

¨  Set Construction – We need parent volunteers to build and paint our sets.  Saturdays beginning at 8 am to 3 pm.  February 22nd, March 1st & March 8th


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Student Activities Emergency Form

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Please click on link below to download the emergency form.  There are 2 pages that your parents will need to complete.

This form is required to stay after school for Guys & Dolls.


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Congratulations to the CAST of GUYS & DOLLS!

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Thank you to everyone who came out for auditions!  We are so proud of the Howell Middle School Students who auditioned.  We wish we had room to cast everyone, but unfortunately we do not.  If you do not see your name on this list, please consider being part of the production by joining Stage Crew which will begin end of February.  We are looking for one student who would like to come to every single rehearsal and be our music/sound engineer.  If you would like this job, please see Mrs. Bryck. 

First rehearsal will be on Wednesday, January 22nd from 2-5 pm.  Parent pick-up is required.  You must download the following PAL Emergency form and have both pages filled out by your parents.  A $60 fee is due made out to HMSS Student Activities to pay for costumes and a play t-shirt. 

Congratulations to the Cast of Guys & Dolls!

Nicely-Nicely Johnson Austin O’Malley Hot Box Dancers

  • Lauren Maas
  • Emily Seaman
  • Jessica Klein
  • Jessica Mortillaro
  • Morgan Pietrangelo
  • Madison Masino
  • Bella Ruocco
  •  Caryssa Guerra
  • Kate Terraciano
  • Gwen Blackley

Hot Box Singers

  • Hailey Boho
  • Bella Bedore
  • Maryrose Finn
  • Riley McGowan
  • Michaela Navvero
  • Olivia Messarina
  • Alyssa Cecere
  • Hanna George
  • Nicolette Conforti
  • Samantha Chibbaro


 CompanyAlex Montuoro

Emily Blythe

Morgan Price

Ashley Caufield

Mary Lykes

 Olivia Williams

Sarah Kimberlin

Allyson Leonardis

Jamie Scannel

Elizabeth Seminov

Jasmire Desrosier

Antoinette Megles

Trinity Pelina

Madison Ihasz

Jannah Wahab

Jenna Maresca

Julia Cecere

Daniella Camporeale

Emily MacKenzie

Nicole Greco

Kaylee Morterud

Skylar Newschafer

Gianna Rutigliano

Gia Caruso

Ryan-Emily Alberti

Cassandra Silvestre

Emily Dalton

Samantha Calandrino



Benny Southstreet Robbie Montuoro
Rusty Charlie Jonathan Polhemus
Sarah Brown Cassandra DiFabio
Arvide Abernathy Kay Park
Mission Band Members:







Brooke Donzelli


Riley McGowan

Samantha Chibbaro

Harry the Horse Isaiah Jones
Lt. Brannigan TBA
Nathan Detroit Michael Smith
Angie the Ox Bella Bedore
Miss Adelaide Mikayla Long
Sky Masterson Antonio Venditti
Mimi & Margie HaileyBoho/ Maryrose Finn
Hot box Girls Dancers
General Cartwright Jacqueline Smith
Big Jule Brendon Brooks



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Welcome to the Howell Middle School South Players HOME PAGE!

January 3, 2013 by

Audition Flyer



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